Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 UK Songwriting Contest - Finalist

We're proud to announce that "Television Sky" was named a Finalist in this year's contest.

Next year, maybe category winner?  Stay tuned.

Check out the way the results are listed... they are not in alphabetical order, and "Television Sky" is 2nd in the list of finalists.  Could it be? - I interpret this to mean that it was the 2nd runner up, really really close to being the AC category winner.  Either that, or finalists were keyed in random order by an unpaid intern. 

P.S.  [1/2/2014]  For some reason we never got the prize info, and when I eventually sent a follow-up email, they responded, "Congratulations on your Finalist position.  We remember the song Television Sky well and it was a favourite with the judges."

(And you know this was a legitimate comment because they spelt "favourite" the British way.) 


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