Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Great 2016 SongLand Debate

Had fun writing this press release for a SongLand performance!

Sunday, February 7th
2 PM  (doors open 1:45)

Hart Library Sunday Concert Series
We're performing as SongLand, playing round-robin and ensemble with our long-time friends and natural-born SongLand citizens Dan Pelletier and Carla Ulbrich.
John C. Hart Memorial Library
1130 East Main Street, Shrub Oak NY 10588
(914) 245-5262

I have a plan for our set list – I know what songs we’re going to sing, in what order, and most musicians agree that it will be an effective set.  I’ve been doing this for many years, and I know what’s funny and what’s not.  We’ve been working hard to get the word out, and we’ve sent out many emails, some of which I’m happy to share with the public.

We need a revolution in SongLand, and I believe that we’re gonna get a really big turnout in the great town of Shrub Oak!  The concert is free, it’s free to borrow books, everything should be free!  We need to break up the big record companies, and everyone should have SongLand CDs, not just the 1% with big music collections!  I was right in 2002, and everyone else was wasn’t!
As president of Romantic Devil Records, I doubled the number of songs released on my label.  True, that’s because I bought up a several smaller labels such as “A” Record Label, and now Romantic Devil is struggling, but that’s because Joe’s president now, and don’t believe what you hear about why I got kicked out.  Nowadays I make fun of other people’s songs – that’s how to make the big bucks.