Friday, July 20, 2018

FuMPed Again

If you have a song that's sufficiently weird, The Funny Music Project might post it on their web site.  Most of the songs appear to reference Star Wars, Star Trek, farts or poop.

We're proud to announce that on July 20th, our song "Overly Enthusiastic Love" is featured on the FuMP site...even though it (mostly) avoids the top references above.  Here's the specific page for our song.

Also, "Loch Ness Cafe" was previously featured on their site, and now it's included in their latest compilation CD, which you can find here:

On July 26th the hosts of the FuMP interviewed us (and played our song) on their live podcast.  You can listen to the podcast here.  Our segment starts about 12 and a half minutes into the podcast...and so far we've been afraid to listen back to it.


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