Friday, August 5, 2011

Ask Doctor New Middle Class

We recently received an email titled "I think you just saved my son's life...well, maybe I'm exaggerating..."  See the full text below for the heartbreaking but inspirational story.  Finally, undeniable proof that New Middle Class is good for your health! - with helpful hidden tips in our songs, emails and web pages.

Send us your own story of how you, or a friend or family member, were healed by New Middle Class.  We know there must be many, many more of you out there.
- Dr. New Middle Class, M.D., C.D., M.P.3.

Nine years ago, my son started getting sores in his mouth.  As his cousin had had the same symptom three years earlier and it led to a diagnosis of Crohn's disease, I panicked and took him to doctors high and low until one doctor decided that he was allergic to potatoes. I thought he was nuts, as I'd never heard of a potato allergy before.  But we tested the theory and found that, indeed, as long as he avoided potatoes, there were no sores.

Fast forward to current times.  My son comes home from college.  Suddenly, the sores are reappearing. But he isn't eating potatoes.  Then you send me your newsletter, and since it's 2 AM and I can't sleep I listen to every song, go to every link, read every article, and find in "A Brief History of SongLand" [via our Links page]: "Yet somehow SongLand was settled and prospered as a humble agrarian society, until the country was torn by a bloody Revolution, when Boris and Natasha Borok attempted to create a New Middle Class, forcing the populace to sing atonal folk songs and drink only vodka derived from organically grown potatoes."

Yahoo! Answers confirms: "Vodka can be produced from a variety of things including grain, potatoes, molasses, beets, and a variety of other plants."

Why in the world did I teach my son when he returned from school in May that there's nothing like frozen vodka????

Next time I need a medical diagnosis, I'm coming back to your site!

- Marcia S., New Jersey

SongLand (left to right): Barbara, Mike, Joe, Dan, Stonehenge

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